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Publicado el 20 oct 2021

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  • Gorillaz: whats your halloween costume?

  • I like how gorillaz is trying be creepy and then there's this scene of murdoc

  • Watching the scary scenes: * nothing *

  • The most underrated Gorillaz song

  • Gorillaz combina bastante con el tema de terror

  • Alright I'm gonna need 3 other people so we can all dress up as 2-D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel on Halloween. Who's with me?😂

  • I was originally gonna do a 2-D costume this year because Gorillaz saved me from depression this year and 2-D is my favorite character in every way, also people tell me I sound like him if he had a bit of a higher pitch. But decided to do a Hank J. Wimbleton costume because I don't have the money for 2-D. It would've cost me around 170 RON (I live in Romania, but to you foreigners, about 30$/£/€) witch was way over my 50 RON budget (~10$/€/£) and for the Hank one I have most of the things at home. So yeah Hank J. Wimbleton this year, but next year I promis I'll do a 2-D one.

  • I'm dressing as a modern gorillaz social media manager, scary, eh?

  • When it's October, everyone thinks in halloween (those that celebrate it) but most of the people forgets noodle's birthday (and mine, in October 16th)

  • THIS IS NO TIME FOR HALLOWEEN, Our 31 japanese girl has birthday 😌👌💕🛐

  • I’m going to be 2D also thank you guys so much for making music and all of that because I’m 13 and turning fourteen on Halloween actually and you and your guys music has helped me through school and problems with friends and family and I could never be so great full for you guys -Christian Carter<3

  • I'd probably dress as Ace around Halloween, but I'm gonna be at a secluded cabin so I think it'll be more of a Halloween cosplay instead of going out for candy and stuff lol

  • I'm going as Noodle from phase 2 for Halloween.

  • in my country we don't celebrate halloween. we do carve pumpkins but walking around the neighbourhood trick or treating will probably not give you candy, but a nice mark on your ass. also, will there be any songs comming for the spooky season?

  • Funnily enough I’m either going as Bonesy or a zombie gorillaz fan

  • Rhinestone eyes quedaría perfecto con el fin del mundo mediante un apocalipsis climático

  • Anyways...I wanna dress as noodle (phase 2) if I had the chance

  • I’m going as venti- but in swedish class i have to talk about an interest and i chose gorillaz 😈

  • i would’ve loved to have been 2-d, but since my friends don’t rly listen to gorillaz we settled on the idea of being the marauders from harry potter

  • Hitting us with that G-SIDES! Magnificent ❤️