Murdoc & 2D Re-live ‘19-2000’

Publicado el 20 dic 2021

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  • Fun fact: Damon wanted to do the moose's sneeze, so the schedule for the video release got to be delayed 2 days, so he could go to the studio and record a sneeze.

  • ahh yes Murdoc and 2D....

  • 2D's opinion on this was very well said

  • "

  • 19-2000 is still one of the best gorillaz song till this day.

  • I'm still wondering how did Murdoc got his drive license

  • Good to hear Murdoc discussing the moose ordeal and 2D beautiful speech at the end was so great to hear, truly a worthy Christmas present

  • The moose is actually an elk that represented the giant metaphorical block that stopped Jamie from making 5/4 a single and video.

  • Man, I miss the MTV days. People don’t make music videos like they used to.

  • I can’t wait until their 3001 album “Gorillaz 2” where they make the song 29-3000.

  • Aww look at Noodle... we've watched her grow up from a little girl to blossoming young woman, anyone else feel like a parent just by being a fan? hard to believe it's been over 20 years 🥰🥲😅

  • Can we all agree that Phil’s voice as Murdoc is really calm here ✨PREACH✨ or in Murdoc’s case ✨HAIL SATAN✨

  • Gorillaz always rocking after all this years

  • Hearing from Murdoc always makes my day! I loved the Christmas letter he wrote recently.

  • lets go 19-2000 is a absolute masterpiece

  • 💜✨ keep posting the amazing videos Gorillaz !! hope You Have a Great Christmas !!

  • We still got the cool shoeshine

  • Haha I love this! It’s so cool how even the most random things that we see in Gorillaz videos have a story to them.

  • "ah yees... The mooose a real diva"

  • “Ahhhh yessss the moose, a real divaaaa” - Murdoc Niccals 2021