Jimmy Jimmy Momentz with AJ Tracey

Publicado el 24 ago 2021

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  • Gorillaz got every type of music, even if you think it might not, trust me, it's music is perfect for everything

  • AJ was in the background of Gorillaz 2006 Brits performance. Now he’s on a track with them 👏

  • Hola soy latinoamérica y estoy esperando que salga un nuevo álbum de gorillaz porque me gusta mucho saludos para todos de los creadores de gorillaz

  • It's going to be a great hit!

  • I’m really excited! Crossing my fingers that new music comes out soon.

  • Damon on the couch back there lookin like he's in another dimension 😳

  • No puedo esperar para mañana, estoy ansioso de escuchar la nueva música🤗

  • oh I can't wait for whatever is gonna be released next!!! all of these clips are so exciting

  • ive sold my soul to gorillaz, they got everything bro

  • I'm so excited for the EP!!



  • Greetings from Russia and greetings from fans Gorillas keep up the good work

  • Just a snippet of the Gorillaz magic... The same magic that compels people to buy 200 dollar shirts, lol


  • милашки. так и хочется обнять.

  • Damon out here edging me with these videos and I'm bouta bust

  • Genial 👍 👌 una nueva canción

  • Épico🤙🏻

  • Yo AJ on a gorillaz track bruv