Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today (Official Video)

Publicado el 14 ene 2010
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Music video by Gorillaz performing Tomorrow Comes Today. (C) 2010 Parlophone Records

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  • One thing I really like about this video is that it captures the feel of the 2000’s. The cityscape’s streets and light really captures a familiar but run-down feel that is weirdly intimate. The art style of the characters is bold but mellow, making them seem part of the environment. The music is very calm and serene, kind of like a summers night, sitting on a bench in the park, or the porch of your home. I wish this is the kind of feel that music and media in general can make, but I guess that’s me being nostalgic.

  • I've always preferred this art style of Gorillaz a lot more than their current style, just because it looks like an entire Cartoon Network show made for adults

  • 2:09

  • This song feels like a late-night car ride.

  • 20 years already, time flies

  • Remember: this song is old enough to drink, smoke, drive a car, and own a gun.

  • Studio: what emotions should this song evoke?

  • Today, Gorillaz become 20 years old since Tomorrow Comes Today was their first public appearance.

  • Man they need to revisit this art style

  • I was raised on gorillaz by a young mom in the early 2000's

  • Lyrics:

  • Lyrics

  • This is the art style I’ll always associate with Gorillaz, the new one (Humanz-Song Machine) is great and looks amazing and all, but the classic 90s cartoon style of the original album will never be beat imo

  • This song is 20 years old.

  • so i know you probably won’t even see this but, you’ve helped me through so much. my mom used to listen to you when she was in high school, she’s now 32 and she still to this day listens to you. i’ve recently started listening to you probably like two months ago and i refuse to listen to any other band of any kind. you are currently getting my mind off of my anxiety and my depression, and i hope you are having a great day.

  • If you're still listening to this 20 years later, then you have excellent taste in music!

  • que buena canción, gorillaz saca muy buenos temas

  • I remember this album in the CD player driving at night like it was yesterday. Why can time not take a break

  • This really captures the aesthetic of the early 2000s - 2010s

  • Gorillaz is one of the most unique and talented groups.