Gorillaz - The Valley of the Pagans ft. Beck (Episode Eight)

Publicado el 8 mar 2021
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Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
Episode Eight: The Valley of the Pagans ft. Beck

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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-Direction: Block9, Steve Gallagher
Executive Producer: Paula Clark
Producer: Alexa Pearson
Video Design: Gemma Yin Taylor
Video Design: SHOP
Animation Production: THE LINE
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Production Managers: Lisa A. Smith, Samia Ahmed
Production Assistant: Laurence Moss
2D Animation Supervisor/Lead Animator: Venla Linna
2D Animation: Simone Cirillo
Clean Up Artists: Paola Costigliola, Kay Sales, Simone Cirillo, Venla Linna, Daniel Morales Ramirez
Compositing: Freddie Lewis-Walls, Bernardo Varela, Elliott Kajdan
Compositing Assist: Skye van der Walt
Matte Paint: Yann Benedi
Footage sourcing: InfamousSabre

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management

Comentarios: 6 692

  • the fact that you can only see Murdoc for like a frame is so fucking funny

  • Rockstar: gets a Gorillaz song into their game

  • Noodle is now driving instead of sitting in the back singing about shoe shines,

  • "The freeway lizards are not feelin' so good."

  • 2D:

  • Thought: 2D could actually be staring at his phone the whole time and we would never know

  • Rockstar you won't have more Gorillaz songs if you keep doing this

  • You’ll never be as cool as 2-D and his four-camera phone.

  • I find it funny how 2D isn't even looking at his phone, because of his eyes you dunno where he's looking, so he has to turn his head to tell them "I'm looking over here"

  • They really lost:

  • Even though we lost the GTA reference, This feels more in line of the gorillaz universe

  • I like the 19-2000 vibe going on in this video, they could have paid even more homage to that vibe and reused the ramp scene from 19/2000 to go flying out the portal into the plastic beach. But this is still a nice mellow video

  • The level of consistent HIGH quality on all Gorillaz related content makes my head spin

  • 0:20

  • Plot Twist: Murdoc was responsible for putting GTA footage over the original music video, hence why you could barely see him at all in this video cuz he doesn't want to get identified and get sued by Rockstar.

  • Noodle: ''Can I drive?''

  • A fitting alternative, but part of me was really hoping they would have reshot the video in Saint's Row or something out of spite.

  • 1:39

  • This is the fever-dream-cool-shoeshine version of the GTA video AHAHAHA

  • Rockstar: copyright strikes.