Gorillaz - The Now Now (Gorillaz 20 Mix)

Publicado el 28 jun 2021
The Now Now Turnz 3 🎈
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0:00 Humility ft. George Benson
0:20 Tranz
0:35 Hollywood ft. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle
0:51 Kansas
1:03 Sorcererz
1:19 Idaho
1:32 Lake Zurich
1:49 Magic City
2:00 Fire Flies
2:14 One Percent
2:29 Souk Eye

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  • 2D’s voice is perfect even after 20 years

  • the now now is such a great album

  • my heart stopped when i saw the notification, like, “shit man, are we back in 2018??”

  • Definitely their most underrated album. The Now Now just has a vibe that I've never seen replicated by any other band or album before. It's such a melancholy, chill vibe. Like you're floating in a different plane. You feel somewhere between happy and sad when you listen to this album. Some days I'll just put this album on, lay back, close my eyes, and let the music take me away. Truly a mastercraft in the music industry.


  • The Now Now is one of my favorite albums in my opinion, Souk Eye is my favorite song

  • Idaho, Souk Eye and Empire Ants are the only Gorillaz songs that made me shed a tear

  • what I love the most is that the band doesn't have a defined genre for songs

  • I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like at least 1 song from this album

  • I still can't get over that cool ass

  • 2d still with that voice 🤩

  • The Now Now feels like a weird combo of every previous Gorillaz album, both tonally and instrumentally.

  • Hey, I'm back from my hiatus from Gorillaz. It was a mistake to have left, they definitely help me mentally.

  • 2d is vibing. Such a chill and calm album. Thank you gorillaz for bringing such heaven to this earth.

  • I actually have the physical CD of this album, my friend found it in his closet and gave it to me, weird thing is that he had never heard of The Gorillaz before I told him about them, also I have no means to play the CD but it’s still a nice piece of memorabilia.

  • Imagine getting replaced by a powerpuff girl character, couldn't be me

  • Uma das minhas bandas favoritas🇧🇷🎧🎶

  • I'd listen to this album any day. It was the album that got me into Gorillaz. Everything about it is just very relaxing and it's a great album to listen to when trying to reduce stress in my opinion. Love it so much!

  • este álbum me da mucha tristeza y nostalgia, ya que se lo regale en un cumpleaños a una persona que quise bastante y ahora ya no estamos juntos.

  • Fire Flies is still superior. Literally makes me ascend to the higher plane of existence.