Gorillaz - Strobelite (Official Video)

Publicado el 6 ago 2017
Strobelite (feat. Peven Everett) Download and Stream here: gorill.az/strobelite

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Director: Raoul Skinbeck
Producer: Cara Speller
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Edited by: Matt Cronin

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Mgmt

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  • I love the gorillaz bc they blur the lines between music genres and make music many different types of people would like.

  • Can we just gather around and thank Gorillaz for existing

  • 2D might be 40 but he dances like he is 20 and and rocks out just as hard as noodle

  • It would be so cool to make music for a living and be awesome at it.

  • Btw for anyone who didn't know, the guy that murdoc meets at the bar is not only his voice actor irl but also the devil in this universe, thus murdoc is literally making a deal with the devil...

  • I love how they can both be doing the exact same dance and when noodle does it it looks super cool and when 2D does it I am reminded of my three year old sister dancing to a rock and roll version of the ABCs

  • Can we just appreciate how Russell was asleep the entire video

  • i just realized in this video Noodles is 27, 2D is 39, Russel is 42 and Murdoc is 51. i forgot that they're all pretty old now.

  • The year is 2039,

  • Therapist:

  • Can’t we talk about how much 2-D is having fun without Murdoc abusing him

  • my parents:

  • Can we just talk about how sweet 2-D's and Noodle's sibling like relationship is even from the very start? He's so kind to her.

  • Honestly one of the best days of my life...

  • can we appreciate that in an interview murdoc revealed that noodle's outfit was actually once his but it shrunk so he gave it to her

  • this is the ''worst gorillaz video'' yet i absolutely love it. i loved it back when i first watched it when it was released, and i still love it now.... their dancing and the camera movements match the vibe of the song so well, the vibes are immaculate

  • [Lyrics]

  • japanese girl dances with her adopted brother/dad

  • Producer: "How much autotune do you want?"

  • I can’t stop watching this because I love the song, but I also love seeing Noodle and 2D dance because I love their sibling relationship. I always felt like they were the two closest members of the band.