Gorillaz - Sleeping Powder

Publicado el 7 jun 2017
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  • 2d is like that one kid that can’t dance but his mom is cheering him on

  • 2-D is so good at playing the piano he doesn't even need to touch the keys.

  • I feel like this song wasn’t supposed to have a video to go with it, but 2D got ahold of a green screen at like 3 am and just made this the music video

  • i love that this entire thing was basically just damon’s excuse to experiment with motion capture

  • I think this is how you get the cool shoe shine

  • "911, what's your emergency?"

  • "Hi, I'm 2D and I'm your freestyle dance teacher."

  • I know its hard but ignore the dancing legend and you'll realize the song is actually one of the best gorillaz songs

  • song:

  • 3 reasons why this song is a masterpiece:

  • He had 3 flintstones vitamins. Don’t mess with his vibe.

  • 2D: talks about his drug addiction

  • "Okay last time; this is 2D"

  • The lore behind this song is that because people complained that Humanz had too many collaborators, 2D released this song that only had himself in it.

  • Why are songs about hard and depressing topics always so g r o o v y

  • apparently the whole reason behind this is 2D felt he'd probably sung too little in Humanz, so he went out and made a whole song and video by himself, without telling anybody.

  • i love 2D more than anything but he looks like a severely underweight old woman in this

  • Other people’s dreams: I kissed my crush

  • Noodle: Are you high?

  • It makes it 10x better knowing that Damon is the one providing the motion capture footage and is 2D here.