Gorillaz - Rockit (Official Video)

Publicado el 13 ene 2010
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Music video by Gorillaz performing Rockit. (C) 2010 Parlophone Records

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  • The video is somehow even stranger than the song itself.

  • This video was a prototype for the themes of Demon Days; the toxicity of celebrity culture and how people make false icons out of their stars. The chattering zombies and slithering vines represents the virtual infection of such celebrity worship and how it turns people into mindless drones. It coincided with the Search for a Star contest in which Gorillaz encouraged people to express their individuality and talents.

  • Fun fact, this is the first time 2d's eyes are white in a music video

  • Animators: How many kids do you want crying when they watch this video?

  • Honestly, "I'm feeling really blah blah" is a better representation of depression than all this edgy shit these days

  • I remember being scared of this as a child. Now, 10 years later, I'm still scared.

  • This is one of those songs you hate the first time you listen to it, but later it becomes on of your favourite

  • Idk if anybody knows this, but there was a challenge in the music industry when this came out to say a word 100 times in a song and make it actually sound good, and for this, it was 'blah'! I learned that from a hardcore Gorillaz fan-

  • I love how Murdoc just randomly walks past to sing one lyric 😂


  • Damon: “Don’t idolize artists, just enjoy the music.”

  • 2D is like a big brother to noodle in my Opinion.

  • "im feeling very bla bla, I want to bla bla bla"

  • nobody realizes that Gorillaz dissed an entire generation of pop artists

  • I feel sorry for the kids who watched this while sick before having a fever dream

  • back when this song was made, it was with the intention to mock songs that would get in to top charts that have no meaning nor talent in their lyrics and music, to mock people who would subject themselves to a part of the majority, to mock people who use electronic music and repeated lyrics. i think it's extremely hypocritical since they became more PC these days to appease the masses and started putting less heart in to the songs. not to mention supporting NFTs. it's a strange preference, but i listen to Gorillaz for the sole purpose of the wonderful, emotional and wacky music with stories behind them, like 5/4 and Melancholy Hill (i always liked how Feel Good Inc. made a segway to El Mañana and then to Murdoc is God, story-wise). it's what daft punk did, most of their songs are about Interstella 5555, the robots or just a love letter to EDM in general. Daft Punk always hid behind their helmets because they were here to play music and only music and nothing else. the day Gorillaz stopped making songs dedicated to the characters of the band it felt like the band lost it's charm. i'll never blame it on Damon Albarn nor Jamie Hewlett, it's their band after all, they do what they want to do with it. i just think it's a shame that this is now a part of their legacy.

  • I know that 2D is more of a big brother figure to noodle but he definitely helped raise her as well. I really love how all three of the guys raised Noodle and watched her grow into the person and musician she is because it shows that Gorillaz is more than just a band, they’re a family. All of their interactions with her are just so sweet and wholesome and I love it!

  • There's 105 ''bla's'' in Rockit. Yes, 10 years later, Thanks for your attention.

  • I love how he chuckles and almost loses his composure as he says "pull myself together"

  • When 2d said "I'm Feeling Really Blah Blah," I felt that.