Gorillaz - Rock The House (Official Video)

Publicado el 13 ene 2010
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Music video by Gorillaz performing Rock The House. (C) 2010 Parolophone Records

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  • I’m gonna be honest, Gorillaz has good music but their videos make me feel emotions that don’t exist...

  • nobody gonna talk about how good the animation is?!

  • This would honestly make good elevator music...

  • Someone actually had to animate murdoc-- they have my utmost respect😭😂

  • Murdoc scared me so bad as a kid. I'm not joking. I was literally in tears everytime I saw him.

  • omg i just noticed 2-D never sang anything in this song

  • “This band is fantastic! Maybe I should introduce them to my wholesome family. ”

  • Russel: passed out

  • just imagining Murdoc’s voice actor having to go through all of those... moans? grunts?

  • I think everyone is debating this:

  • Imagine being a 13 year old noodle and u see murdoc and 2d just thrusting

  • Edit: guys i get it its a recorder you can stop correcting me now

  • In almost every Gorillaz song, 2D is like : I don't get paid enough for this shit.

  • Everyone's talking about Murdoc thrusting, but nobody's talking about the fact that 2D tried his best at avoiding the balls and at the flute which he doesn't know how to play

  • 2D:

  • No one:

  • murdoc's voice actor getting his lines for this: 🤨

  • Even if you’re wearing heavy protection, you can still feel the impact on your body, so it’s safe to assume that Murdoc is into light CBT

  • i like how every gorillaz video feels like a drug trip

  • man Del add so much funk to gorillaz, such a shame he wasn't part of the band