Gorillaz presents Noodle's Best Bitz from Song Machine Season One

Publicado el 2 mar 2021
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What was your favourite Noodle moment from Song Machine?

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  • Noodle is literally the only one that age's normally

  • My favorite moment of hers is simply just her existence.

  • Noodle: The cutest member of Gorillaz.

  • Noodle:

  • she got a point, she is an icon, she is the moment and she is a legend

  • she didnt need to say anything, but i will repeat: so true

  • Hard to believe at the start of it all, she was young, innocent, and had an awesome looking helmet.

  • Noodle has grown so much!!

  • 0:17

  • My favorite in when she has her old hair covering her eyes, nostalgia

  • We need a 10hr version of noodle dancing in momentary bliss.

  • Weird thing that sometimes she looks really young, and then there's just middle age woman Noodle.


  • Gorillaz are the group that can make any type of music & it would still sound good.

  • Everyone depressed in a pandemic:

  • Alternative title: song machine but only the noodle scenes

  • There is no personality that describes noodle, it’s just noodle.

  • noodle pops off everytime she’s on screen. 🙄✋

  • Noodle’s dance in Momentary Bliss will always be my favorite moment of her 😳🥺

  • i get so much inspiration from jamies art.. seriously i love everything hes drawn. the gorillaz in general are just a huge inspiration to me. keep up the good work guys!