Gorillaz - Meanwhile... ft. Jelani Blackman with Barrington Levy (Official Visualiser)

Publicado el 25 ago 2021
Gorillaz - Meanwhile... ft. @Jelani Blackman with @Barrington Levy (Official Visualiser)
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  • I'm still obsessed with gorillaz

  • I feel like Gorillaz can collab with everyone & they can still sound great. They're that great of a group.

  • Love these new songs! Would like to animate something for you one day!

  • Lyrics:

  • Whenever 2D says “do you really think I’d leave you?” I’m reminded of that moment in the music video for The Lost Chord when the portal closes behind Russel, Noodle, and 2D and Murdoc thinks he’s been left behind.

  • This song is so laid back. Gorillaz can literally collaborate with any artist and create something you never quite knew before.

  • I love how everything Gorillaz come out with sounds exactly like them and yet so different. I’m already so in love with this ep. It’s insanely good

  • I love how Gorillaz comes out with a new sound to their music and yet it still sounds distinctly like Gorillaz.

  • Que bien suena Gorillaz en la actualidad.

  • When you think "Come on, how can be that every song of Gorillaz is fucking beautiful?!"

  • No sé cómo Gorillaz nunca me decepciona, nueva canción para la playlist.

  • Gorillaz una vez más creando joyitas como de costumbre.

  • I really love this Gorillaz era.......I follow them since 1999...when I was 13 ...Gorillaz always in my heart.

  • the fact that gorillaz can collab with literally

  • Se nota que damon nos quiere

  • Gorillaz is the only band that can have such a wide variety of music and still feel like Gorillaz. The best.

  • Even if it wasn't a lot of time, it was for my personal growth. Since I was a weird unexperienced 14 years old teenager, Gorillaz has been with me on every new step I gave who drove me to who I am now, a 17 year old teenager with a great hearth and expecting to learn more. Thank you Gorillaz for being such a great support in my short life. I love you.<3

  • Gorillaz can literally collaborate with any artist and create something so incredibly unique.

  • This is my newest vibe song, ive played this on repeat far too many times to remember the count. Really well done guys, good slide remixing, good bass, and well chosen voice for the tonal rhythm. Gold.

  • Holy shit gorillaz is just popping out songs I didn’t even have time to listen to the first one lmao