Gorillaz - Let Me Out (Official Audio)

Publicado el 5 abr 2017
Featuring Pusha T and Mavis Staples. THE ALBUM - 'HUMANZ' OUT NOW - gorill.az/humanz

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  • coming back to this song after the riots is really showing how early gorillaz was with this song.

  • The song doesn't "hit differently." The message then was just as important and real as it is now. We're just done being quiet about it.

  • Gorillaz -> getting pumped up going to the party

  • This song fits 2020 pretty well.

  • Phase 1: Best music

  • I'm in utter shock that people are saying what "is" and "isn't" Gorillaz... the band that was a culmination of every genre in existence, innovating on all corners of the music industry, somehow managing to pull it off every time, truly being boundary-less, is suddenly being told what it can and cannot be... crazy.

  • Their songs get better each time u listen to them

  • It's midnight. I'm 50 songs into my Gorillaz playlist. I have no regrets

  • This song has always hit different, y’all finally took notice in 2020 because it started effecting you. Gorillaz always spit fax

  • Help I'm addicted to this song

  • I've been listening to this on repeat, and actually, the lyrics are pretty deep.

  • YALL- y’all just noticing that humanz is still relevant? This shit DID NOT CHANGE it never did.

  • What people think Gorillaz is:

  • That "Am I looking into mercy's eyes?" gives me chills in such a good way. Damn I love Gorillaz so much

  • this song gives me fucking chills, also IM HYPED FOR THEIR TV SHOW NEXT YEAR

  • The gorillaz are my favorite band cuz they have the most unique style ever and they can change styles and still be the best at it

  • I think this song, Andromeda, Saturnz Barz, and Sleeping Powder are the best songs to come from this album

  • Remember how this album was made in 2017 to symbolize a party during the end of the world?

  • 2D's voice is like the nectar of the gods melting into my ears.

  • I love how it's always fucking incredible everytime 2D starts to sing.