Gorillaz - Jimmy Jimmy ft. AJ Tracey (Soundsystem Performance)

Publicado el 9 sep 2021
Gorillaz - Jimmy Jimmy ft. AJ Tracey (Soundsystem Performance)
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As seen on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
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Damon Chorus

Jimmy Jimmy
There’s pressure on you
And life ain’t feeling how it used too,
Jimmy Jimmy,
No need to be sad,
When we play your song, we get along

AJ Tracey Verse

I’ve been searching, lookin for a permanent reason
Out of sync with the seasons, not sure what I believe in
And I’m burdened, why is being loved so appealing
Can’t conform, I’m alone, we’re all just lost without meaning.

Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)

Just a boy from the west, I’m born and bread,
We coulda been rich, were poor instead,
My evenings were blue and my mornings red,
Had to make scores from zeds, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
I salute all my local my fiends
They’re smiling, locked in a smokers dream,
Kept an ace like a poker team, Damon (Ay ay ay)
Iws just a teen selling coke to teens Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)

Took the remedy young once I learnt bout the money,
I got stuck inside of my mind,
Quick solutions was all I could find,
I was earning but losing my team, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
Portobello I’m sippin on wine,
With a beautiful Notting Hill mother of five,
Mental muscle, the strong will survive
That’s why I drink white rum on the Manchester drive.

Damon Chorus

Jimmy Jimmy
Now your out of control,
And the lie your living is the dead end road,
Jimmy Jimmy,
No need to be sad
When they play your song, we get along.

Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)

AJ Tracey Verse

Left Electric and headed to Soho now
I’m in the box I had way too much Yak
Hate the front so we’re sat at the back
With a girl from Iran with the peachiest back, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
I love me a spliff, but I’ve gotta keep it a stack,
The females around me are crack,
Got me wired I ain’t coming back to reality
I bleed it out on the track, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
I did things that I swear I won’t tell, Damon (There’s pressure, ay ay ay)
I crawled outta Grove, got redemption from hell,
Love and hate are like Kenan and Kel,
I broke outta my cage now my friends in a cell, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
Life is for living, I love me some shillings, Damon (There’s pressure, ay ay ay)
But God willing people love me for my skilling,
Went from sitting in Golbourne and billin,
To Brit awards billing, thank God now I’m chillin Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)

Damon (There’s pressure)

Pressure on you
Whatcha gunna do?

Damon Chorus

Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy
Theres pressure on you
Life ain’t feeling how it used you
Jimmy Jimmy
No need to be sad
When they play your song, we get along
Jimmy Jimmy

Jimmy Jimmy
Ah, ah, ah, Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy
Ah, ah, ah,
Jimmy Jimmy

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  • Amo Gorillaz 🛐🛐

  • I’m loving this song!! It’s taking me back to old school Gorillaz

  • Fun fact: AJ Tracey already made a song with Gorillaz, he was one of the kids singing in Dirty Harry

  • Estoy súper feliz de haber sido una de las personas que escucharon esta canción desde que salió

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  • this is cool

  • Best song in the EP. I'm really happy that AJ Tracey is getting more attention

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  • Gorillaz has always been my favorite band. Especially ever since my grandpa passed. It was one of his favorite bands before he died. So gorillaz just has a really strong connection to me

  • Se convirtió en una de mis canciones favoritas <3

  • Gorillaz mi religión 🛐

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