Gorillaz - Jimmy Jimmy ft. AJ Tracey (Official Visualiser)

Publicado el 25 ago 2021
Gorillaz - Jimmy Jimmy ft. @AJ Tracey (Official Visualiser)
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  • You're fast, Albarn. Let's go!

  • Oh they’re just making awesome songs whenever now? Thats pretty fucking rad

  • This is actually really good. I’m so glad I got into gorillaz

  • Fun Fact: AJ Tracey was one of the children in the choir for Dirty Harry at the 2005 Brit Awards

  • Congrats to all the James, Jims, and Jimmys out there on their new theme song.

  • The self titled vibes are heavy on this one and I'm here for it, the melodica is back baybeeee

  • Damn Gorillaz experimenting with reggae again?! Haven’t heard them sound like this since Dracula! Chill tune 😎👌

  • this song’s so catchy, it’s giving me phase 1 vibes.

  • They brought the melodica back. Brings a tear to my eye.

  • Representando al fandom latino, estamos felices y orgullosos de que Gorillaz volviera

  • Vibing with the "Jimmy Jimmy" at 12:00am gave me a sudden peace of mind in a night filled with over thinking.

  • Gorillaz + Rap artists = Perfection


  • Those recent features on Gorillaz songs are unbelievably good. Shocking, yet well-executed.

  • that melodica...

  • This song hits especially hard when you're a long time fan. Man, the instrumentals ...!

  • I love how they dropping new stuff everytime I'm not in a good mood. Now I am. Thank you Gorillaz. I will always love you <3

  • hearing this style + a melodica = FULL CIRCLE and i am SO HAPPY

  • This looks interesting, reminds me of the early days of gorillaz and their vibe with the animation and lyrics

  • “Why does our landlord tell us to put the lights at certain times?”