Gorillaz - Gorillaz (Gorillaz 20 Mix)

Publicado el 3 jun 2021
Gorillaz Turnz 20 🎈
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00:00 - Re-Hash
00:10 - 5/4
00:21 - Tomorrow Comes Today
00:32 - New Genius (Brother)
00:42 - Clint Eastwood
00:54 - Man Research (Clapper)
01:04 - Punk
01:16 - Sound Check (Gravity)
01:28 - Double Bass
01:40 - Rock The House
01:51 - 19-2000
02:01 - Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)
02:11 - Starshine
02:23 - Slow Country
02:33 - M1A1

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  • the first album I ever bought in 2001 (with my parents money) and still my favourite release from you guys - got me into loving music as much as I do today

    • same

    • Same! First cd I ever owned. Bought it at a record store in juarez mexico. I used to not listen to music or radio at all. Life was never the same after that.

    • I will never forget this album, they changed musical style drastically. I too own this on CD from my parents money.

    • same.

    • so thats why so much of their music is in your videos

  • I remember when Noodle was a kid, now she is the full Ramen!


    • It's like...a wizard's portal... *mmm N I C E*

    • But Internet Explorer it's Dead...

  • I remember when I was a kid, I was less than five years old, my mother had a job as a housekeeper and would bring me along and I'd just watch tv all day. So I'm sitting on this big couch flipping through channels and I start watching music videos and I catch one with a bunch of cartoon characters driving a jeep, singing about shoeshine and trying to kill a moose. I was hooked for life. It wasn't until this year that I really listened to every album front to back and analyzed what I was hearing deeply that I realized that Plastic Beach is my favourite album ever written for reasons other than sentimental nostalgia and not only that Gorillaz really is my favourite band of all time, but also why. Keep the good work, let's hope for twenty more.

    • That’s amazing!

    • @mario manuel I never heard a better case for arson.

    • Brooooo I almost burned my neighbors yard with fireworks by accident and got punished and sent to my room and turned on MTV and heard DARE

    • lol

  • Ah yes, Gorillaz-Gorillaz (Gorillaz)

    • gorillaz

    • @Imperial Sugarcube seeing the world gorilla so much times made me forget how to spell it 😭

    • zalliroG

    • Gorillaz

    • @Imperial Sugarcube my fav is Gorillaz - Gorillaz (Feat. Gorillaz, National classical Orchestra of Gorillaz, The Gorillaz, Big Gorillaz, The blue Gorillaz) Official Gorillaz Demo

  • OMG

  • 0:08 that transition between Re-hash and 5/4 was smooth asf

  • The grumpy Nic… The lovely 2D… The sweet Nood… And nice Russ, who always knew how to keep everything at peace… Everything is so disturbed now… i hope they’re fine… i’ll never forget you all. 156 made me see things in a total different way and experience lots of cool things. I love you Gorillaz. Thanks.

  • I sorta- grew up with Gorillaz, and tge fact that They're still going unlike some other artists from the 2000's and 90's is really cool to me-

  • 1:27 I forgot if thats in the actual song but the echo there is just perfect-

  • imagine how cool it would be for them to make a song that fits the characters, squeaky and quirky vocals, hard hitting hip hop drums, japanese indie rock guitar and an out of tune distorted base. it would be bizarre but thats what makes the characters

  • A lot of big anniversaries this year

    • @Aka Iced Tea let's say 20 years in particular, and maybe in September? it was plane revolutionairy.

    • Foster the people torches

    • Believe it or not there are anniversaries every year.

    • I would say the obvious one here in September but..

    • such as

  • I recently found out about gorillas and I can’t believe it has been here for 9 years before I was on earth, it sound so cool and fresh and most adults don’t even know you guys still make music and are still active! I’m even going to your O2 show a few days after my birthday and can’t wait to buy overpriced merch lmao I listen to your songs on an average of 2 hours per day and your music videos and art are incredible, the lip sync is perfect! I’m even drumming to snogs like Clint Eastwood on my kit and listen whenever I can. I hope this band continues for at least another 20 years and hope it continues to spike in popularity again. Wow I just wrote an essay at 10pm on a comment section of ESmain.. love ur stuff x :)

    • @vs6lm yeah i agree!

    • @wannabepogg hey it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy their music

    • wow dude im glad im not the only one!!

    • Love the pfp

  • I was expecting "Tomorrow comes today" to begin playing

    • Top Kali i think he mean because it's the first music they made for the album

    • Tomorrow Comes Today isn’t the first song on the album

    • @sire yeh they are

    • I think they're playing in the same order as the album

    • @Mista I know, but it wasn't the first

  • The best trip hop/alternative rock/alternative hip hop album ever.

  • This album still plays in my car at least once a week

  • Nostalgia en dos minutos! Mi disco favorito de gorillaz! Aqui esta resumida parte de mi niñez cuando los escuche por primera vez en un cassette para despues en mi cumpleaños mi papa me regalara este grandioso disco!

  • Gorillaz es mi segundo álbum favorito ❤️✊

    • Mi fuvorita es plastic beach y la segunda demon days y luego d-sides y luego gorillaz

    • @✯Demon Foxy xd

    • Mis albumes favoritos son the now now, plastic beach y demon days (y muy cerca song machine)

    • El mío es Desmond deys

    • Plastic Beach es perfecto.

  • This is exactly what I needed today, stay golden everyone

  • This makes me want to play super smash bros melee and eat those giant plastic straw pixie sticks while wearing my oversized t-shirt and basketball shorts. Some of the best times in my life were happening during the debut of this album. 🥰

  • Happy birthday Gorillaz! Crazy to think this band is older than me, but they still feel so fresh. One of the all-time GOATs!

  • This album made me feel so much emotions i never felt, it made my life better. Thank you gorillaz for bringing so much emotions in us with your songs and videos. I just can't explain and even if I did gramatical errors i hope the concept is clear. Your music and quality evovlved in the years and i'm proud of it. Just thank you. 👊💜 (Yeah i tried my best because i don't speak english)

  • I can't believe it's now 20 years old, I loved this album when I was younger and I still love it so much. GORILLAZ❤❤❤

  • No exaggeration this is my favorite album of all time. Simultaneously excellent to listen in full and as singles. 5/4, New Genius, Sound Check and Slow Country are some of the highlights that would probably be big if they had videos.

  • Their best album from the 2000’s. I replayed the CD so many damn times

  • The transition from double bass to rock the house was perfect

  • First CD I’ve ever had and I still listen to them to this day. From elementary school to me now being 26. Never go away

  • Gorillaz, thank you for making my life so much better. I'm going through a lot of rough things right now and just listening to your music and seeing Noodle, Russel, 2-D and Murdoc on screen just makes everything better, even just for a little. ❤️⭐️✨💫💞

  • This was probably the first album I ever got. I remember not really having that strong of an interest in a music prior till hearing Gorillaz

  • The Nostalgia is killing me 😩😭👌

  • dear gorillaz, I cant thank you enough for helping me through 2020, your music helped me discover some of my favourite genres of music and helped my cope with my aunties cancer. I just want to say happy birthday and thank you for your approach on the musical world that is earth.

  • Es simplemente hermoso It's just beautiful

  • I remember when this album came out listening to it after school. So nostalgic.

  • Congrats for this very amazing 20 years of cool music Gorillaz! grew up listening Gorillaz and Demon Days, was there for the release of Plastic Beach, was very hyped for Humanz and until today I still listen to all the songs, you will be always my favorite band and you have a very special place on my heart, I still remember when you guys came to Santiago of Chile, hell 3 years already of that concert? I still remember all what I did that day and how I needed to write something to quit school at time XD keep being cool and I'll always will be looking forward for more beautiful songs and backstory on the future, Gorillaz Rockz!

  • Cuando tenía dos años, mis padres me compraron este álbum, y desde ahí crecí escuchando Gorillaz, ahora tengo 23.

  • I remember seeing this album cover back in 1st grade. Im a Senior in College now and these songs still slap to this day

  • Cadê os fãs brasileiros? Venham marcam presença fml 😎🤝 Virtual hugs from Brazil

  • Guys come on, you have a 3D model of the Geep on a hard drive somewhere.

    • @Robotron Sage That takes me back. The jankiest game I’ve ever played but to my 2000’s brain it was like I was inside the music video hahaa!

    • New gorillaz game pls

  • 5/4, Clint Eastwood, and Punk are my favorites because they have a bit of rock in them

  • "Tomorrow Comes Today" but "19-2000" with, Miho Hatori, is super close. So many dope tracks on the album.

  • Being born with Gorillaz is the greatest achievement of my life, thanks for all the amazing years❤️

  • The transition of Clint Eastwood and Man Research is so good

  • can’t believe this is more than 20 years old, wow …

  • This is my teenager jam, good old days.

  • This was my first album ever. I remember my parents arriving at home that night, and my mom said: take this, she gave me this album along with the Hooray For B*obbies by The Bloodhound Gang. I was only nine 🥰

  • Gorillaz are the reason why I started my animation channel. Love them for 20 years. They are pure GOLD :D

  • The transition between re-hash and 5/4 is eargasmic.

  • This is one of the best 20 mixes that Gorillaz made

    • fr though, the blending between the songs here is crazy good.

    • @Big Drip so it'd technically be one of the best

    • Dude there’s only like 3 of them


  • Perfeição 👏😔

  • One of my favorite gorillaz album, was 15 when I first heard them now my kids love them as well.

  • Volver A Escuchar Esta Banda Me Da Muchos Recuerdos N O S T A L G I A

  • Gorillaz es mi álbum favorito canciones tan geniales 👊

  • I want to see Gorillaz playing "double bass" and "left hand suzuki method" in a concert 🙏🏻

  • This is absolutely amazing. Gorillaz helped me get through my recent house fire and MRI. They have influenced and saved my life ❤️

  • Ahhh que recuerditos 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐🤸🏻‍♀️nunca dejarán de encantarme desde mis 5 años Amo a Gorillaz.

  • Just seeing a Gorillaz notification on my phone makes my day better.

  • Awesome album, you guys did it perfectly 20 years ago. btw, can somebody make a mash-up with Re-Hash and 5/4, please? this mix made me realize they sound soooooo good together.

  • Gorillaz minha banda favorita ❤️❤️

  • call me crazy but this is my favorite gorillaz album, such a vibe.

  • It’s mad to think I was only 3 when this album was released 😳 still one of my favourite albums ever though, there’s not many albums where I can sit through it and listen to all the tracks but this is definitely one of them!

  • The nostalgia that just hit me


  • i love this album, one of the first vinyls i got also

  • Just love that the whole album has a beat that just works the entire way through

  • Tendría unos 11 o 12 años cuando salió este tremendo álbum. Los amo, Gorillaz. ♥️

  • "Tomorrow Comes Today" but "19-2000" with, Miho Hatori, is super close. So many dope tracks on the album.

  • Re-hash es de otro mundo!!! Gorillaz ❤

  • Permiso, señores... Le voy a subir el volumen 😌👌💕

  • I can't believe this is 20 years old, this is muy favorite álbum ❤️

  • I fell in love with the band since I heard this album for the first time, many years ago.. Amazing.

  • I just love this albummm!! It has such a cool vibe even to this day 😩‼️

  • I vividly remember when I was about 6, I used to know all the lyrics to 5/4. *The memories…*

  • I love Gorillaz, they're so unique in every way, I've even bought merch, keep it up

  • Nem ferrando, Gorillaz é bom demais!

  • I love this! I've been a fan of y'all since the beginning, from my middle school years up to now. Sad you didn't include Dracula and Left Hand Suzuki Method. Love those ending tracks!

  • This is the best album of all time hands down!

  • Pero que temazos LPM!!!

  • Happy 20th Gorillaz! Your music is always the highlight of my day! Rock on you timeless kings!

  • Ahhh. The Good ol' days. Back when the world made sense.

  • Mi primer CD ... buenisimo de principio a fin... para mi siempre será el mejor ... desde ahí que soy fan de #Gorillaz 🎸 🤟🏻🐵

  • their first album will always be my favorite, i have such a soft spot for phase 1 :)

  • Mi papá me enseñó a gorillaz y me pareció la banda más jenial del mundo su música me encanta

  • Lord I feel old. I remember blasting this at full volume as I drove down the motorway on my 20s.

  • i get so happy when i get a notification from gorillaz :)

  • The different styles of each arc is pretty amazing

  • My favorite Gorillaz album, and the first one I owned in Vinyl, it means a lot to me, a huge part of my teenagehood.

  • Muito bom,esperando os mixes dos outros albuns

  • First album I ever bought. The reason for starting my musical journey. Thanks, Al.

  • Relembrando clássicos👌

  • This album was just great on loop. Used to sit down for some video games and just let it spin. Awesome

  • Eu amo essas músicas 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • First record I ever heard, back when I was 6, man this brings some real memories

  • I’ve been listening for at least 5-6 years, still jamming out

  • recuerdo haber escuchado desde pequeño este gran álbum con mi hermano, uff viejos recuerdos

  • Justo me llegó ayer en vinilo de este álbum ❤️

  • Los mejores 2:46 minutos de mi vida. Me encantAn

  • this album is very nostalgic, I had it as a kid. happy birthday Gorillaz. :)

  • I still have this album even after 20 years 😎

  • Lo mejor q existe :')