Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Official Video)

Publicado el 27 jun 2016
Official HD Video for Gorillaz' fantastic track Feel Good Inc.

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  • This song was released 15 years ago today and it still kicks as much now as it did in 2005.

  • I remember after my dad and mom got divorced, I would go on visits to see my dad and this song would play while driving with him. Its very nostalgic to me and I can't explain what it felt like to hear it again after all those years! Thanks, Gorillaz<3

  • This has such an interesting feeling. Not even gonna lie. The way they incorporated 2D, 3D, and real life, it fits perfectly.

  • Gorillaz was ahead of its time. This song aged well and sounds like it was released not that long ago which make their songs amazing.

  • Я слушал эту песню за долго до мема, это честь для меня. Их песни со временем только лучше и лучше

  • This is the first song that got me into music. I recall being young, maybe 6 or 7. I saw this on MTV when it was actually about music videos, and there was just something about the animation and the lyrics that made me absolutely ecstatic. For the longest time, probably until I was 12 or 13, I found the song again because I always knew how to hum it but didn't know the lyrics, I just remember googling a song about a floating island with a windmill and I rediscovered it. Doubling my years again, I'm 23 and felt the need to comment here because where I listen to many songs now, I love this one. I absolutely love Gorillaz and can agree with many others here that this is undoubtedly a timeless piece.

  • this song is 14 years old and still slaps. gorillaz makes absolutely timeless music

  • I don’t ever remember listening to this when I was younger, but it feels like it.

  • this is undeniably the most nostalgic song ever, you cant take it back.

  • Love this song and always will 💕

  • Isso e tào bom eu realmente amo essa música sério

  • I have only herd this song once before and it still slaps

  • 20 years ahead of their time. This song could come out today and still sound new.

  • Timeless music. Takes me back to 2016 as thats when I used to bump Clint eastwood and feel good inc a lot. I really got into there music in 2017 though. Thank you Gorillaz for all the memories

  • This song is a true masterpiece ✨

  • This song always makes me feel calm. I genuinely first heard it in a Walmart in like 2009 when I was either 11 or 12 and I remember just stopping and staring at all the display televisions that the music video was playing on. I even ran over to my older brother and went " What song is this!? " and he didn't know. I didn't discover this song again until I was sixteen and had my own laptop to randomly surf the internet. I can't remember the lyrics site it was, but they also had a sample of the song and I knew it was the right song as soon as it said " Feel good. ". Then like a year, or two later I found it here on ESmain and since then it's always been in my playlists.

  • I can confirm, this is a classic, that will never gets old

  • Old songs like these will always be great

  • Anyone else have an extremely vague memory of this song from when they were little and it feels like this song has been in the back of your head for years?

  • Pure classic. Timeless.