Gorillaz - Empire Ants ft. Little Dragon (Official Video)

Publicado el 14 dic 2010
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Official music video for the Gorillaz track 'Empire Ants' featuring Little Dragon.

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  • Pinche rolota me despeina los pelos de los webos de lo poderosa que esta

  • Casi 11 años de esta canción. Yo no la conocí en su momento, la habre escuchado algunos años despues de su lanzamiento.

  • I’ve been a hardcore Gorillaz fan from a very young age. This song.... god this song.

  • Listening to this makes me cry every time. It was the song I sung to my cat the day before he died. I just remember singing it to him, with the dull ache in my heart. I didn't know it was his last full day on earth, but I felt it coming. I will always miss him.

  • Verse 1: 2-D]

  • The question is....

  • After many many years, people will listen to this song and feel envious for ones who lived in the era of Gorillaz.

  • I pressed play, I started singing. Slowly I closed my eyes as I kept singing and when everything exploded (

  • I genuinely cannot tell anyone how much I love this song. It gives me everything I need to feel safe. I want this song to play in my afterlife, because that's the vibe it gives me. I love this album, literally everything on it is great

  • My dream is to draw like this artist, just look at that style, characters and beautiful colors ❤️

  • A special, special song. This touches my soul on so many levels. A masterpiece that I'm happy to call one of my all time favourites and I cant wait to sing it as a lullaby to my future kids.

  • Las lágrimas que salen cuando te das cuenta que fueron los mejores

  • This song has a better feel to it when you play it really loud at home and dance to it , trust me .

  • This song made me felt something unexplainable, nostalgia of unexisting time and place. i've heard this, but so far down the memory lane. Not quite close, always outta reach. Pain ? No, its a faint feeling of sadness from a past i never knew i posess. Why, is it just me. How ?

  • [2D:]

  • 5 años desde que conocí esta canción y me dan ganas de llorar al oírla

  • Gorillaz y Daft Punk, lo mejor de lo mejor de una época. Eternamente🥰

  • muito lindo, essa musica faz eu lembrar da voz da minha mãe que morreu ha muiyo tempo, mesmo sendo uma memoria falsa, eh bom conseguir lembrar dela ainda :)

  • This now became one of my favourites from Gorillaz.

  • Por alguna razón, empatizo con una persona siempre que escucho esta canción, como que relajados, juntos los dos sentados sin preocupaciones, hasta que llega el minuto