Gorillaz - Demon Days (Gorillaz 20 Mix)

Publicado el 25 may 2021
Demon Days turnz 16 🎈
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00:00 - Intro
00:09 - Last Living Souls
00:20 - Kids With Guns
00:32 - O Green World
00:43 - Dirty Harry
00:53 - Feel Good Inc
01:03 - El Mañana
01:18 - Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
01:29 - November Has Come
01:40 - All Alone
01:53 - White Light
02:05 - DARE
02:21 - Fire Coming out of the Monkey's Head
02:31 - Don't Get Lost in Heaven
02:47 - Demon Days

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  • Honestly still the best Gorillaz album imo there's just something about this one that's more nostalgic than anything.

  • Can we just take a moment to talk about the fact that there aren’t any bad songs in this album?

  • One of the best albums from the best band, and they dont even exist.

  • I like how the album had a kind of “apocalypse” feeling

  • I’m so grateful to my mom for accidentally showing me gorillaz music

  • 2:45

  • Just seeing a Gorillaz notification on my phone makes my day better.

  • Unpopular opinion: Every Planet We Reach is Dead is the best on the album

  • 0:50

  • Man, I got chills when Dare started, simply love this album

  • Gosh i remember the first time i herd a song of Gorillaz's i was something like 4 or 5...now i'm 15 and i'm still in love with them :")

  • Back in the day this was my soundtrack when chilling and playing harvest moon: a wonderful life on gamecube! Got the cd, Record, digital copy, Etc. Love you guys and will always love you guys!(Edit) Wow i didnt expect this comment to get so much love! Thanks all my fellow Gorillaz fans!!

  • I remember first hearing your song "Feel Good Inc" on the radio one day and I instantly fell in love.

  • I remember listening to Gorillaz since the beginning. Demon Dayz to this day is their magnum opus this is a album where every single song shines as bright as the rest.Glad they are still making music now. And I will continue to listen..


  • Пожалуйста, сделайте альбом, похожий на Démon Dayz! С большой любовью к группе из большой России 🇷🇺 🌳

  • Feel good inc was the song that introduced me to modern day indie rock music when it first came out. Gorillaz will always have a place on my playlists.

  • Con la canción "Dare" de este disco empezó mi amor por la música de Gorillaz, bello álbum Demon Days.

  • This album is a masterpiece. By the way, congrats on 500 million views on feel good inc. Such a classic.

  • nobodys talking about how the transitions between songs got smoother and smoother 🤩