Gorillaz - DARE (Official Video)

Publicado el 6 sep 2010
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Music video by Gorillaz performing DARE. (P) 2005 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Parlophone Records

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  • I’m glad that Gorillaz is still this popular.

  • The sound in the background at

  • My son Kevin introduced this group to me about 4 years ago and they are one of my fav bands. I am 61 years old.

  • Siempre lo dije, ellos estaban adelantadisimos a su época, por eso mucha mas gente no los supo apreciar, TKM Gorillaz <3

  • A message to the future generations..Don’t let this masterpiece song die..

  • This played at my sister’s wedding, and we absolutely tore it up dancing to this together. 🙂

  • Noodle is adorable lol her wholesome dance and her little “hello” when she walks in

  • The fact that Russell is just concerned about the noise coming From Noodle's room is beautiful

  • I would hear this 3 million times just to hear Noodle say Hello

  • i heard this song thousands of times on the radio as a kid but never realised it was gorillaz! this is probably one of their best songs ngl.

  • This video is just noodle dancing, a random guys head, and russle being concernd. I love it

  • I only discovered gorillaz recently and to be honest, they are one of my favourite bands

  • I love the way dances. Still jamming to this song in 2021.

  • This video is: 1. adorable, 2. hilarious, and 3. beautiful, this song is: 1. a masterpiece, 2. catchy, and 3. Perfect, and this band is: 1. A treasure, 2. perfect, and 3. one of the only bands that is willing to expierment with every genre

  • It's coming up, it's coming up

  • Bendito sea el disco pirata con “los éxitos del momento” que mi mamá me compró a los 5 años que incluía esta canción, literalmente la canción de mi infancia, gracias Damon 🙏🏽

  • 2022 and still rocking this song and loving Gorillaz 4ever!!!

  • when i was around 3 or 4 years old my grandpa used to play gorillaz song all the time, especially this one. Now im 13 going on 14 and i freaking LOVE gorillaz songs!! Ty grandpa :))!!

  • there’s just something about this song that makes you want to get up and bust a mf move

  • I'm working my way through Shauns book on how to be a Rock star, he mentions this track and how it came about - Damon had asked him to meet up and do some lyrics for the Gorillaz, so he went to the studio and couldn't come up with anything, so he's got the headphones on with the backing track and the volume was too low, so he asks for it to be turned up. So he's pretty much giving a commentary on the volume, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up..... Its dare (it's there). Damon goes, that's great, we will keep that lol