Gorillaz - Déjà Vu (ft. Alicaì Harley) Live from NW10 (Official Visualiser)

Publicado el 25 ago 2021
Gorillaz - Déjà Vu (ft. @Alicai Harley ) Live from NW10
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  • Always a good day when Gorillaz starts uploading songs again

  • Gorillaz and reggae? Why not!

  • The only band that can span more then 20 years and bring all music genres and people together.

  • this song sounds like it would be 2D's favorite, it's just so fun and bubbly with some darker undertones... totally his thing

  • “Don’t forget your seatbelt”

  • I've completely forgotten about Jamaican reggae as a genre. Really bring's me back to the early 2000's, when I enjoyed such jams

  • Me after hearing this song once: Oh yeah, it’s REPEAT time.

  • sin duda gorillaz siempre se lanza unos temazos, me encanta

  • Absolutely ADORE the breakdown at

  • why is nobody talking about the “i always where a seatbelt” part 💀

  • Estoy en clases resolviendo unos problemas de calculo integral, cuando veo que subieron nuevas canciones... Ahora ando resolviendo los problemas con mucha actitud con estás canciones 😎🤙

  • the Gorillaz are the only band I know that can some how bring every genre, every culture, and every person together

  • Couldn't be more excited for more Gorillaz!!!!

  • Esta canción DeJaVu le da un toque especial el hecho de que se compartan fotografías antiguas de la banda, la canción es como una celebración a su carrera ❤️

  • As usual Damon finding the most perfect collaborators for his song

  • 25 years later and the Arthur theme song still goes hard

  • Se lucieron con esa canción ya hacia falta ese tipo de hit´s

  • The fact that this band can have so many different genres of music and never lose its touch says a lot! Love the new stuff!!!!


  • Gorillaz with the 3 Peat! 🔥 🔥 This song is a whole vibe! 💃 🕺