Gorillaz - Déjà Vu (ft. Alicaì Harley) [Live from London]

Publicado el 1 sep 2021
Gorillaz - Déjà Vu (ft. Alicaì Harley) [Live from London]
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  • Murdoc: Russ just spilt his protein shacke over the keyboard! It’s Makinkj it quitss hard too typo now so I better goo. Cheerss yeah luv u allll, Mudkock.

  • Gorillaz, I know you might not but I really really hope you see this. No joke, I’ve been listening to you guys since I was a baby. Before I was born my dad (one of your biggest fans) would play GORILLAZ and Demon Days for me and continued to do so as I grew up. I have fond memories of cleaning the house with ny dad when my mom was at the store, blasting your albums on the stereo whilst my dad spent hours singing along with me and meticulously explaining to me the meanings behind Fire Coming Out of a Monkey’s Head and El Manana. I grew up dancing and singing along to your music all my life.

  • Finally glad the actual live band is getting attention here, they're so talented and they do such an amazing job.

  • Murdoc! You’ve certainly grown since your band’s debut album. Any pieces of advice or recommendations you would’ve liked to give your younger self back then? (Love you Uncle Murdy <3)

  • I have NEVER seen american bands joking around with fans in comment sections like this, makes me respect you guys that much more and guarantees even more that I'll be a lifelong fan. Great music, love the alter universe thing and lots of your collabs. Don't ever break up or stop making music, Gorillaz are legends!

  • I just love how much love and exposure Gorillaz has given to black artists. And these last two albums have been a real pleasure to listen to because of the collabs

  • Murdoc: A very warm howdy-bloody-doody to all humans joining me live + salutations to all the countless millions reading these hallowed words in the years and millennia to come… Right, go on then, have at it…

  • the concert was sick!! me and my sister where singing our hearts out, my throat really hurt after but it was worth it!! you guys did good!! ❤️

  • Que música mais delícia de ouvir 😍

  • To: Uncle murdy and the rest of the band members,

  • Alicaì Harley's voice is absolutely gorgeous! I love how they all look like they're having fun, too. It's just such a nice song all around.

  • I was 15 years old when I got the first gorillaz album 💿 in 2001, now I’m 35 years old and keep enjoying gorillaz also sharing it with my sons, my best wishes and I hope to continue enjoying much more of gorillaz!!

  • This song is beautiful,change my mind!I just love it!!!

  • murdoc, gorillaz has saved me in some of the darkest times of my life, gorillaz has been the soundtrack to me finding myself <3 much love

  • Never stop doing music you guys, u keep me alive. Thanks for all the "momentz" !

  • I'm in love with this song 🤍 such a fun beat!

  • te amo Gorillaz, desde Perú

  • This is so Amazing I love it.

  • Hey Murdoc how are you feeling? I know you have been through a lot all i would like to say is that you are a huge inspiration. Thank you for Making Gorillaz ☺️

  • I love the steel drums in this song. Think I just found my new favorite instrument!