Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Live BRITs Performance)

Publicado el 15 ene 2010
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Official HD BRIT's Performance of the Gorillaz track Clint Eastwood.

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  • I want the Gorillaz concerts today to be like what it was 18 years ago, with a live animation in the background.

  • Un concierto así años después con las nuevas tecnologías sería brutal

  • I Love How Russel is always too big for the drumset

  • when i was younger i didnt knew this was holographic characters, i thought they were real lmao

  • El creador de Gorillaz es de otro planeta. Un fenómeno.

  • 2D is almost the same height as the microphone

  • Don't care if the rap parts are completely different, they're still amazing!

  • It’s both interesting to lore, and hilarious when 2-D just simply does something else when the rap parts of the songs come on. In the lore, he apparently hates rap, but I thoroughly enjoy watching him just stand there awkwardly when he’s not doing anything.

  • I like how when 2D comes out he just looks around awkwardly, haha so cute!

  • Murdoc before: a normal emo person

  • I love how bored he gets when the raps starts something about it is adorable

  • This is definitely the best live performance of Clint Eastwood

  • Im now just realising how fucking monumental of a performance this was. Like, the amount of effort, time, and money put into this must have been insane for a band in its first year.

  • The most creative music ideia of this century. Great live performance.

  • EPICOOOOO 😍 han pasado ya 16 años dese que la escuche y sigue siendo de mis favoritas 😍

  • I just love how this was such a MASSIVE EVENT since Clint Eastwood was their first song released

  • japan: hatsune miku is the best holographic performer

  • Gorillaz un de los mejores temas del mundo mis idolos🤟🤘gorilla x 100pre🤟🤘🤟🤘

  • I was about to scream "finally someone let me out of my cage" when i start to hear some nonsense

  • Not gonna lie, I do miss Murdoc's phase 1 look. It was probably my favorite